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Welcome to Williams Creek,

where Pioneer and Prairie clothes for Girls and Ladies is all we do.



 With Little House on the Prairie and Little Women as my guide,

the clothes of the prairie were designed to be plain, simple, practical and durable.

Of course, there were the fancy dresses for the most affluent,

but by and large, simplicity was the name of the game. 

All items are made by hand with the best quality products available today.

Beginning in 1995 and catering to the local community, especially for one room schoolhouse events,  

the designs were developed specifically for the 1800's.

From the simplest to the fanciest, you will find it here. 



Scattered about the website are bits of historical trivia that I have collected over the years. 

Some of the information I found in my own research when I opened my shop years ago in downtown Rochester, Michigan.

Some of the information (in particular the "One Little Button"), came directly from a gal who is part of the historical button

community and spends her spare time - in historical costume - speaking on the subject to school groups and service organizations. 

I was awestruck the day she came into the shop to show me a button that came from an Army uniform from the Revolutionary War.

I hope you enjoy your visit.  



Questions and information about ordering is as simple as sending me an email,

or for the convenience and ease of online shopping,

visit my shop at 


My name is Carole Bodin and I am happy to serve you. 


Contact via email:




     Girls dresses and accessories and available in sizes  6 to 14. 
You can choose from our simple and sweet "Meg" dress or many others.  
Designed and sewn right here at William's Creek,
all dresses are made from 100% calico cotton. 
Matching doll dresses are available for all our pioneer designs. 
 Made to fit American Girl or any 18" doll.