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Girls Pioneer and Prairie Dresses, Aprons, Bonnets and More
All of the girls dresses are made from 100% cotton calico. 
"Calico" simply means that the cotton has been dyed with a multicolored design. 
It is because it was so colorful, it was the most widely used fabric on the prairie.  
 Remember, the basic style of the prairie dress was loosely fitted. 
Children had extremely limited wardrobes and the dress they wore to school everyday
was the same dress they wore after school to do their chores on the farm.
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Miss Nellie Pioneer Dress

For fanciful little ladies, Miss Nellie lives up to it's name with eyelet trim, 

a trimmed drape over the full skirt and a big bow in the back.  It is accented with a standup collar.

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Girls Pioneer Dress "Meg"

My most popular dress, Meg is as simple in its design as times were on the prairie.

Easy to wear for pioneer programs, it is designed as the dresses were in the 1840's for comfort.

An ankle length dress, it was worn to school and then at home to do daily chores.

The perfect dress for school programs, themed birthday parties and pretend Little House on the Prairie. 

 You'll find the Meg dress available in many colors and in sizes 6 through 14.

Adding a bonnet and an apron brings the prairie to life.

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Girls Pioneer Dress "Laura"

Named for Laura Ingalls, this long sleeved dress is accented with

a white school girl collar and white cuffs at the end of the long sleeves.

Tie backs allow for a more fitted look. It buttons in the back and is ankle length.

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Add the apron and matching bonnet for the complete look.  





One Little Button.....So Much History
Collecting buttons was a favorite pastime of young girls out on the prairie.
As the story goes, it became a custom of collecting 999 buttons - with no two buttons alike.
If the young lady collected more than 999 buttons, she was doomed to become an old maid. 
The 1,000th button was presented to her by the man she would marry and
that collecion of buttons became part of her dowry into marriage. 
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Girls Pioneer Dress "Beth"

A favorite style for the prairie is the Beth. 

A more fitted and stylish design, Beth gives the appearance of a button closure in the front.

The dress zips closed in the back. 

A very full skirt bottom edged in eyelet to give the appearance of a petticoat underneath.

Eyelet trims the neck and the bottom of the fitted sleeves.

Also shown: Matching Bonnet 


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Girls Pioneer Dress "Katy"

Katy is the short sleeved version of the Meg dress.  The short sleeves on this dress are cuffed with a ribbon drawstring.

Katy buttons up the front and has tie back for shape and fit.

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Girls Pioneer Dress "Annie"

The Annie dress is the pioneer version of the classic Colonial style.

Without access to trims of laces and ribbons, the pioneers created their own fancy style with fabric.

Prior to 1900, lace had to be made by hand. The hard life on the prairie didn't allow much time for such an indulgence.

Annie is a fitted dress, ankle length and zips closed in the back.

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Girls Pioneer Dress Mary

Named in honor of Laura's sister, the Mary dress is an ankle length dress that buttons down the back.

The white school collar was a staple of the time period and Mary has matching white cuffs

at the end of the puffy sleeves that adjust with ribbon ties.

Like Laura, the Mary has tie backs which allow for a more fitted look and comfort.

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Girls Pioneer Dress Feliciity 

 The Felicity dress, a fitted pioneer look has elbow length sleeves trimmed in 4" eyelet. 

Narrow eyelet trims the square neck. A more fitted dress, Feliciity zips closed in the back. 

Originally a style for the colonial period, this style traveled west with the

pioneers and found its place as the fancy dress for a special day.

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 Girls Pioneer Dress "Jo"

Very typical of the 1800 time period, Jo is an ankle length paneled tapered dress.  

A jewel neck dress that buttons all the way down the front, this dress for girls is historically accurate.

The only touch of lace accents the sleeves at the wrist and the tie back bow allows for individual adjustment.

The deep bottom ruffle adds to its elegance.

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