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Boys Outfits for the Prairie

For one day programs and to go easy on any budget, boys are very easy to dress for this funfilled day.

Though we no longer manufacture boys clothes for Prairie Programs,

the following tips can be used to outfit your lad for that great day.

To get the Knicker look, any pair of dress pants can be rolled up and cuffed just below the knee.

Uniform or kneesocks will cover the legs.  Wear dark shoes or boots. 

For a shirt, most programs only require that your youngster wear a button down the front,

long sleeved shirt.

It usually can be any color, blue or grey, does not have to be white, and does not require

the stand up collar of my shirts.  It can also be striped or plaid, even flannel. 

Golf caps or driving caps are a good substitute for my newsboy caps and sweater vests

are appropriate and acceptable.

Tin pails are available at Home Depot in the paint department.  About $3.50, they are a good size for any lunch. 

Or chop down a branch and tie up the lunch in a large cloth napkin or bandanna.

Use your imagination and have fun!